Creators of artist-painted canvas ceilings, designed to be the focal
point in any room whether modern or traditional. By blending ancient
artisan techniques with modern interior design and unprecedented
standards, Volta ceilings deserve their place over any room.

We use a precise mix of ancient and modern techniques, materials with
unparalleled quality and unbelievably talented craftsmen and artists. It
is this skillset and attention to detail that creates absolutely stunning
ceilings, and incredibly satisfied clients. Whether it be baroque ceilings,
modern ceiling murals, decadent gold leaf or Trompe L’oeil ceilings, talk
to Volta the creative painted ceiling specialists.

Internationally acclaimed with a truly global service, Volta ceiling art
travels over oceans and continents perfectly, so wherever you are it is
easy, contact one of our advisors for more details.





Whether it is a castle that needs a banqueting ceiling, a stately mansion
that needs a billiard room bringing up-to-date, a hotel reception that
requires impact, a restaurant that needs a talking point, or an award-winning
modern interior designer looking for their next big win in a modern build,
Volta ceilings have the history, artistry and technology to bring any ceiling to life, beautifully.


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