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Volta ceilings are a perfect fusion of artistry and traditional skills,
with absolute quality and the benefits of modern techniques.
We are lead by two highly acclaimed and very skilled people:


Artist and interior designer, trained at the World renowned
Van der Kelen School in Brussels and the St Lucas Institute for Architecture.
From set designer, trained in the art of Trompe l‘oeil to the go to
designer for Castle and stately home makeover specialist,
Thierry’s progress has always followed his own beliefs and values,
giving his work an unerring attention to detail,
bringing his own personal artistry to each and every project.


As a purveyor to the Royal Household and infamous names around the world,
Eddy is used to collaborating with famous International designers.
Eddy’s expertise in bringing artistic vision and craftsmanship to life is indisputable
and Globally recognized. As owner of a celebrated company of artisan painters,
Dankers turns personal visions into reality.
The teams of individual painters surrounding Thierry and Eddy
that help bring these incredible ceiling art designs to life are
fully qualified and trained in the company’s techniques,
traditions and skills of Volta.
By training and passing on our skills in this way,
we are ensuring that Volta and the craft of ceiling art
can carry on for another 6 centuries, or more.